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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Does Rachel Maddow plan to throw a fit every time a Democrat loses?

Enough with Fox News.  MSNBC can certainly get pretty odd.  Here we see her reaction to the announced loss of a Senate seat in Indiana previously held by Democrat Evan Bayh.  Apparently Ms. Maddow is not fan of Mr. Bayh:

This is an old trick with the folks at MNSBC. Whenever a Democrat leaves, their reaction is something along the lines of, "I hate that guy/gal! Who needs'em?" When a seat is lost, something sinister must have happened -- in this case, Mr. Bayh apparently held onto all his campaign contributions and undermined democrats be refashioning himself as a television pundit.

Imagine that -- someone who may have presidential aspirations holding onto campaign dollars and keeping himself in the public spotlight! How dare he!

Who knows is Ms. Maddow will be able to keep up this pace once the Democratic losses really start to pile up.

More scaremongering, courtesy of Fox News

Another item from Fox News that ran today. William Gheen, head of on outfit called "Americans for Legal Immigration", claims that the Department of Justice is going to help encourage illegal immigrants to vote. He cites the "Democratic political machinery" is all set to rig this election in the face of a popular "revolution":

It is strange that Fox is spending so much time dwelling on voter fraud. The Republicans was almost surely take the House and much of the Senate, so couldn't the voter fraud allegations be turned the other way?

On the other hand, you might argue that they have nothing to lose. The poll numbers do indicate huge gains for the Republicans, so any other result could be fodder for conspiracy theories. And it's probably a good idea to maintain their base audience in a state of fear, both so they'll go out and vote, and also so that they'll continue to monitor the station for future news on those dastardly Democrats post-election.

Rand Paul reminds us once again that he's a good Christian

Rand Paul was on Fox News once again today to complain about an attack ad made my his opponent Jack Conway. Among other accusations, the ad more or less claims that Mr. Paul has been a closet atheist since at least his closet days.

Mr. Paul wanted to emphasize his pro-life Christian credentials once again before poll booth closed:

There's a good analysis of the commercial from The Economist:
Let's not be naive. Non-belief in Christianity certainly is a disqualification for public office in many states, and Democrats are just as submissive in accepting this ground rule as Republicans. In this way, I find the generic campaign commercial touting the good Christian family man nearly as intolerable as Mr Conway's spot. It's not just that the church in those ads couldn't be swapped out for a synagogue or a mosque, it's that it couldn't be swapped out for a soup kitchen either. The focus is on Christian beliefs, not necessarily Christian values. Even the most saintly non-believer or religious sceptic, should he come clean with his beliefs, doesn't stand a chance of winning office in much of of America.
And it's a bit funny, isn't it? Someone who he is the son of arch-Libertarian Ron Paul, and is named after Ayn Rand, who was no great lover of religion, is claiming that he is a) religious and b) in favour of laws the use government to interfere with medical procedures based more or less on religious grounds.

Libertarians don't like state intervention, period. And it's hard to find a Christian libertarian. Let's leave it at that.

Nancy Pelosi off in space...maybe she's better of there for now

From Politico:
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Edit HTMLDemocratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen are stating flat out that Democrats will hold onto the House, despite predictions of a GOP wipeout.

"We're on pace to maintain the majority in the House of Representatives," Pelosi just told reporters.

"Millions of Americans are proving the Washington pundits wrong," Van Hollen said.

Democratic operatives are claiming their base is turning out to vote in heavy numbers, especially among African-Americans.
It's fine to predict victory months again of the vote, or when the poll is close. But when it's election day and you know you're going to get wiped out, you express objective confidence in your candidates, and encourage folks to come out and vote. You know, non-partisan pleasantries.

Of course Ms. Pelosi has been saying this stuff since at least as far back as May. But you'd think she'd drop the act on the last official day that she's House leader.

The fix is in already, according to Fox News

The Republicans stand to make huge gains in both the House and Senate tonight, but, just in case something goes wrong, Fox News has already gone to the "vote fixing" well:

If you didn't watch it, voters in Nevada (the ones that call Fox News, anyway) are apparently complaining about their touch-screen ballots, claiming that they only displayed incumbent Deomocrat Harry Reid's name (while his opponent, Republican favourite Sharron Angle, did not appear), or, that Harry Reid's name was already checked off.

So community organizers from the now-defunct ACORN are still up to their dastardly old tricks, it would appear. Unless Ms. Angle actually wins, of course. Then the vote went fine.