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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sharron Angle, doing her best to look crazy before election night

This small item was released by the AP earlier today:
Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle's campaign is banning two Las Vegas television stations from covering the candidate's election night party as punishment for asking questions without permission.

Journalists from the local CBS and NBC news affiliates surprised Angle at McCarran International Airport on Friday to ask her questions about national security and unemployment. Video footage shows the GOP Senate candidate telling the reporters she will answer questions once she is elected.
The local CBS affiliate actually ran a story about Ms. Angle trying to dodge them at the airport, which you can take a look at below:

Ms. Angle has become rather infamous for avoiding the media, declining interviews, and generally keeping herself insulated behind her handlers. In this clip a news anchor for a Reno NBC affiliate makes an on-air plea for Ms. Angle to drop by for a chat just days after she won the Republican nomination:

And here we see her refusing to answer questions from reporters at a press conference in Las Vegas:

So here's the thing -- Ms. Angle doesn't like speaking to the media. This is surely common knowledge to Nevada voters. So a lot of the support she may have lost over this issue has already been locked into the polls. She's made her choices, and here we are.

But when you're in a tight race, do you really want to come out looking so crazy the weekend before the election? The footage of her fleeing from reporters at the airport is bad enough. But you could argue, perhaps, that she was in a situation that she could only partially control. But then she comes and says that journalists from two news affiliates aren't invited to her election night party? She resorts to the behaviour of an eight-year-old?

This is just the kind of wacky story that can grow and fester as pre-election tension peaks. Not exactly a smart move, Ms. Angle.

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